Learn The Right Way to Build a Roof

There are several wrong ways in which you can build your roof, but only one right way. With over 20 years of roofing experience, we’re happy to build your roof in the right way alone.

While you can choose to omit certain important roofing details that aren’t covered in your insurance, they aren’t the right choices. Additional protective elements, regular inspections, and quality management are necessary to ensure that your roofing does not fail prematurely.

Protective Elements for Your Roof

Ice and water shields are additional protective elements that need to be installed to prevent leaks in all openings and valleys. You also need drip edge and gutter aprons installed to protect your siding from leak damage. In order to prevent leakage through vents and flashing, you need to have your boot jacks and step flashing replaced every once in a while. Even if your insurance claim does not cover the vents and flashing, we'll replace them at no charge for you, because it is the right way to do it!

Wood Decking Inspection and Underlayment

Multiple layers of shingles are no longer allowed by building codes, so it is imperative that you have your decking inspected before replacing your roof's tile or shingle covering. We'll ensure that the decking underlayment is in good condition before we replace your roof covering. Bad decking cannot hold the roofing nails securely and may result in your roof covering sliding off or falling in. The right way to do it is to inspect the decking and perform any repairs if necessary before a new roof is installed.

Quality Inspections of Your Roof

Ensure that your roofing contractor has a quality control manager who oversees the work. Our project manager manually inspects and oversees all our work to ensure that you get the satisfactory results you need.

Get a Written Lien Release From Your Contractor

Once your contractor receives the final payment for their work, make sure you get a lien release that states that all the materials and labor have been paid for by you. If not, a mechanics lien can be filed by the contractor against your property for the unpaid materials and labor. Once you choose Dynamic Exteriors by SHR, you'll receive the following after the work is done and the final payment is made: Written material and labor WARRANTIES Annual FREE inspection of your roof Written lien release that shows that we've received the final payment from you for all the materials used and the labor provided

Stay Informed and Choose a Licensed, Insured Contractor

It is important for you to maintain your property so you don't further encounter major problems that your insurance won't cover. We'll provide educative information on how to maintain your home after the repairs are done. Make sure that your contractor has a local license to perform roof repairs. Ask to see your contractor's insurance policy. Call us to learn more about our local license and insurance policy, and you'll know that your roof is in good hands.

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