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Important Facts to Be Aware Of

Here are a collection of facts and other useful information to keep in mind when looking for a contractor to work with you on your insurance claim or on any work on your home. Call Dynamic Exteriors by SHR today and we'll be glad to talk to you about any of these important ideas! 719-355-1842

Some companies have offered a “sign allowance” or other way of covering your deductible or even “cash back” as an incentive to use their company. This is now considered insurance fraud.


Any contractor that Final Invoices the insurance company for any insurance claim repairs and does not disclose that the deductible was not paid or the actual cost of repairs was lower than the insurance claim allowance, is committing insurance fraud.


When homeowners agree to accept a “sign allowance” or other way of covering their deductible, they have participated in this activity. The penalties can be severe: the contractor can lose his license but the consequences to the homeowner can be much worse.


The homeowner is subject to a heavy fine and possible jail time. Insurance fraud is a serious issue and insurance companies are taking steps to expose these kinds of activities and your insurance company can require restitution for any monies paid on a claim that involves insurance fraud.


You are not allowed to profit from a loss. Insurance Fraud is a Class 3 Felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison and fines up to $5,000.00.

Insurance fraud

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Insurance companies do a great deal of research to determine how much it costs to replace a roof.


While most contractors are not willing to pay an advertising fee (sign allowance) to help cover your deductible, those that do means that they are also willing to cut corners on the quality of your roof.


The deductible is part of the true cost to make a repair. If this is eliminated the only alternative is to use inferior products to compensate. If this happens, it is the homeowner who suffers.

Insurance proceeds

No, your insurance company has created their own price list and will only pay actual costs for repairs, regardless of what prices you may get.


If there are actual additional costs such as code requirements, your contractor can contact your insurance adjuster for approval to cover that cost to ensure the repair is done correctly and to the codes that apply in your area.

Are two or more estimates required?

While most contractors are honest, many are not. Scammers will ask for payment up front before they do anything. At that point they have made their profit and have no incentive to do the work in a timely manner or at all.


Because contractors are also at risk of not being paid when the job is completed, so it is standard practice to pay up to 50% or the deductible and 1st insurance check when the job begins. Final payment, 2nd insurance check, should be made when you are satisfied with the completed work.

Never pay up front

We do, come on in and have a cup of coffee with us. We will be happy to show you around!

Does your contractor have a place of


We have references available, from our suppliers to previous satisfied customers!


We are! We encourage you to call us in the future about any concerns you may have about any part of your home.


We have a full complement of sub-contractors for any need you may have. If you have a project you’re doing and need to know the correct way to do it, call us or stop by. We will be more than happy to assist you!

Is your contractor available after the job is finished?

The right way to do it is our only option. We want to be here when you need us. The only way to accomplish that is to do it right and do what we say we will!

There are always 2 alternatives!

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